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Love for the World: Partners Announced Featuring the Fred Rogers’ Center!

August 13, 2019


Love for the World: planting seeds locally, to grow fields of grace and peace worldwide

Our first “Love for the World” supper, learning, and vigil event will take place on Friday, August 16th from 5-7pm in Shellenberger Park & Fellowship Hall.  The theme for our inaugural “Love for the World” is Blessing Children and Families.  Resource partners will be present to share what services are available for children and families in our county and throughout the country.  During the vigil service we will be offering a blessing for children, families, and all who serve children and families.  A light supper will be served.

We are thrilled to announce the following partners who will be attending our event! Please feel free to check them out by clicking on the links.

Confirmed Organizations

Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries – https://www.alsm.org/ 

Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy – www.scalucp.org

Beginnings, Inc. – https://beginningsinc.org/ 

CASA – https://beginningsinc.org/programs-and-services/court-appointed-special-advocates/ 

Early Intervention – http://beginningsinc.org/programs-and-services/early-intervention/ 

Parents As Teachers – http://beginningsinc.org/programs-and-services/parents-as-teachers/ 

Boys and Girls Club – http://bgcsomersetcounty.com/ 

Casa San Jose – https://casasanjose.org/ 

Census Borough – https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/decennial-census/about/why.html 

Church World Service – https://cwsglobal.org/ 

Croyle-Nielsen Therapeutic Assoc. – http://www.c-nta.com/ 

DBHS Early Intervention – https://dbhs.co/services/developmental-services/early-intervention-program/ 

Dressed – https://www.facebook.com/dressed15501/  

Family Center  

Fred Rogers Center – https://www.fredrogerscenter.org/ 

Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank – https://www.pittsburghfoodbank.org/ 

Helping Hands Food Pantry – https://www.facebook.com/HelpingHandsBoswell/ 

League for Human Decency – https://www.facebook.com/groups/622080747985569/ 

New Centerville Spinnetts – https://www.facebook.com/spinnettstwirling/ 

Nurse-Family Partnership – https://www.nursefamilypartnership.org/ 

Somerset County Children & Youth Services – http://www.co.somerset.pa.us/department.asp?deptnum=2 

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ – https://stpaulsuccsomerset.org/ 

Tableland – http://www.capfsc.org/ 

The Children’s Aid Home – http://www.cahprogram.org/ 

The Learning Lamp – https://www.thelearninglamp.org/ 

Trinity Farms Center for Healing – http://trinityfarmscenterforhealing.org/ 

Early Intervention – http://beginningsinc.org/programs-and-services/early-intervention/

Parents As Teachers – http://beginningsinc.org/programs-and-services/parents-as-teachers/

Boys and Girls Club – http://bgcsomersetcounty.com/

Casa San Jose – https://casasanjose.org/

Census Borough – https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/decennial-census/about/why.html

Church World Service – https://cwsglobal.org/

Croyle-Nielsen Therapeutic Assoc. – http://www.c-nta.com/

DBHS Early Intervention – https://dbhs.co/services/developmental-services/early-intervention-program/

Dressed – https://www.facebook.com/dressed15501/ 

Family Center – https://www.facebook.com/SalisburyFamilyCenter/

Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank – https://www.pittsburghfoodbank.org/

Helping Hands Food Pantry – https://www.facebook.com/HelpingHandsBoswell/

League for Human Decency – https://www.facebook.com/groups/622080747985569/

New Centerville Spinnetts – https://www.facebook.com/spinnettstwirling/

Nurse-Family Partnership – https://www.nursefamilypartnership.org/

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ – https://stpaulsuccsomerset.org/

The Children’s Aid Home – http://www.cahprogram.org/

Trinity Farms Center for Healing – http://trinityfarmscenterforhealing.org/

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A Message from Pastor Matt

August 10, 2019


Dear St. Paul’s Family,

The Privilege of Doing Ministry

One of the defining aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry was the relationships that he had with those who answered the call to follow him.  The group of disciples were a diverse group of people from many walks of life.  Some were fishermen, day laborers, and even a tax collector—and those were just the 12 initial disciples.  Other women and men would become followers: homemakers, farmers, laborers, Pharisees, ex-convicts, Roman officials, and even a former persecutor of the church and Roman citizen named Paul.

Despite the diversity of disciples, the church’s mission was singular: to spread the message about  Jesus and God’s love for all of humanity.  The early disciples not only preached about Jesus, but healed the sick, fed the hungry, and comforted all who suffered.  Their worship of the resurrected Christ did not end with Sunday’s benediction, but followed them into their homes and places of work.  Love, mercy, grace, and inclusion became the defining parameters for Jesus’ followers as they interacted with the world around them.

Two millennia have passed since Jesus sent forth the first disciples to minister on his behalf.  While much has changed in our world, the love of God through Jesus Christ has not.  Our charge as modern-day disciples is the same as those first followers:  to spread the message about Jesus and God’s love for all of humanity in the words and actions that fill our days.  Not all words and actions done by Christians or in the church are from God.  Dogged adherence to doctrines and rules that marginalize or ostracize individuals and groups are seldom from God.  Nor are words or attitudes that are racist or abusive to others.

How are you doing with your singular charge to show God’s love to others in thought, word, and deed?  How have you brought someone encouragement or hope in their time of need?  How have you helped to mend the social fabric frayed by partisanship, tribalism, distrust, and fear?  The ministry of Christ’s disciples is not something that happened a long time ago in a land far away.  Christ’s saving work happens right in our own homes and towns, in the places where we work and play.  Christ calls us to be part of the beloved community of his resurrected body.  I pray that we are all ready for this life-saving calling.

May God bless our journey,

Pastor Matt

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News for August from St. Paul’s

August 10, 2019


Transportation Assistance:  If you, or someone you know, needs a ride to church or any church-related event, please contact the church office, 445-4534.

Emailing the church and Pastor Matt:  If you need to email the pastor or the church, please direct your email to jmdeal@gmail.com–Thanks!

The church office email is stpaulsuccoffice1@gmail.com

August’s Meetings at a Glance (available at press time)

Thursday, August 1st:  Care Team, 1:00pm, CE Room

Saturday, August 3rd:  Men’s Brotherhood, 8:00am, King’s Restaurant

Friday, August 16th:  Love for the World Event, 5-7pm, Shellenberger Park and Fellowship Hall

Sunday, August 18th:  Picnic in the Park Church Picnic, Noon, Shellenberger Park

Tuesday, August 20th:  Church Council Picnic and meeting, 6:00pm, Shellenberger Park 

St. Paul’s is on Facebook!  Be sure to “Like” us to keep up with updates and events.

Book of Remembrance forms are in the literature rack in the narthex.  If you wish to give a gift in memory of or in honor of a loved one, please use this form.  You can place it in your offering envelope along with your monetary gift or you can bring it to the office.  We save these forms for documentation until the Book of Remembrance is published in the newsletter twice a year.  Thank you for taking the time to submit the form.

Bible Study: Bible Studies following worship themes will be held on Tuesdays at 10:00am in the Salem Chapel.  


Men’s Brotherhood

The Men’s Brotherhood will meet for their August meeting on Saturday, August 3rd at 8:00am at The Stoystown Tractor Show.  All men of the church are invited to attend!

Greeters & Ushers for August

August 4:  Communion By Intinction: Craig Weaver—Chair & Elder, Harold Weaver—Elder, Denise Weaver, Kathy Gary

August 11:  Angie Brumbaugh—Chair, Josh Brumbaugh, Kristen Mumau, Emma Mumau

August 18:  Rebecca Miller—Chair, John Harris, Lorin Harris, Samantha Miller 

August 25:  John Geary, Jr.—Chair, Sue Geary, Emily Korns, Steve Addleman

Access Control System to be Installed.  Church Council approved a plan to install an access control system at their May meeting.  The system comes in response to accessibility concerns following a series of incidents last summer with a homeless man who would not leave the church, nor accept alternative assistance.  Church Council embarked upon a nine-month study on how to adequately secure the church while also allowing maximum access to church members, staff, community groups, rental groups, and those who are in need.

Responding to members’ needs.  Every member of the church who desires 24-hour access to the church will be given a key fob or access card.  This will enable church members to gain access to the church during after-hours to pray, complete projects, or find solitude. Once the system is installed, the church will be unlocked during normal business hours and on Sundays. The use of the key fob or access card will only be necessary during non-business hours.

Responding to user groups’ needs.  The access control system is a computer-based system that will allow us to lock and unlock the outside doors by following a programmed schedule set to meet the usage needs of the church.  For example, the downstairs doors will remain unlocked during Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings when AA and Weight Watchers meet.  The doors will then lock during the remainder of the night and unlock in the morning when office hours begin.  

Responding to community needs.  The access control system also allows church leaders to respond to unexpected community needs by: remotely programing, locking, and unlocking doors as needed; and assisting those in need by use of a calling station at the main door to contact the pastor in the event of an extraordinary need during after-hours.

Installation of the system is to begin the week of July 15th. We anticipate it may take three to four weeks for completion. Watch for updates in the Sunday bulletin and the Cornerstone Newsletter.  

Church Council would like to thank the congregation for their understanding and patience this past year as we studied, prayed, and finally reached the decision to move forward with the access control system for our church facility.

Picnic in the Park!

Please join us in Shellenberger Park for our annual church picnic on Sunday, August 18th following our regular Sunday morning worship service.

Here’s a look at the schedule for the day:

9:30am: Worship in the Sanctuary

10:45am:  Refreshments, Fellowship & Games in the park

Noon:  Fun & Food in the park!

Please feel free to bring a covered dish to share!  Meat, drinks, and table settings will be provided.  The Spiritual Life & Evangelism Team is organizing a picnic committee to assist you in caring for your covered dish during the regular Sunday morning worship, helping to plug in crockpots, refrigerate food, and etc.  You can either bring your covered dish prior to worship or get it during the transition time between the end of the dedication service and the picnic.

Please put your name on the sign-up sheet in the back of the Sanctuary if you’d like to attend.  Contact Pastor Matt or Sally McClintock if you have any questions.

Love for the World: planting seeds locally, to grow fields of grace and peace worldwide

Our first “Love for the World” supper, learning, and vigil event will take place on Friday, August 16th from 5-7pm in Shellenberger Park & Fellowship Hall.  The theme for our inaugural “Love for the World” is Blessing Children and Families.  Resource partners will be present to share what services are available for children and families in our county and throughout the country.  During the vigil service we will be doing a blessing on the backpacks in preparation for children, teacher, and staff returning to school.  All school participants are free to bring a backpack or bag to be blessed.  We will also be accepting non-perishable food items to share with our local food band.  A light picnic supper will be served. 

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The August Cornerstone Newsletter

August 10, 2019


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August’s Mission Offering Is the Somerset Area Food Pantry

July 24, 2019

Comments Off on August’s Mission Offering Is the Somerset Area Food Pantry

The Somerset Area Food Pantry serves the residents of the Somerset Area and Rockwood Area school districts.  They provide nutritious food items to hundreds of individuals in need each Wednesday out of the basement of Trinity Lutheran Church, Somerset.  The food pantry is in need of both monetary and non-perishable, non-expired food items.  Our monetary offering will assist in purchasing food.

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Children’s Church: Helping Kids Worship God!

November 14, 2018


We are very excited about our brand new children’s ministry!  Children’s Church is for kids 5 years-old through 5th grade.  Participants will begin worship in the Sanctuary with their parents or guardians and will leave for Children’s Church following the Time for Children.  They will conclude their time at the close of the regular worship service.  The children can be picked up outside of the CE Room.

What is Children’s Church?

It’s a brand new worship opportunity for some of our youngest church family members.  Children’s Church will engage kids in worship at their level while also keeping a common worship theme with the regular worship service.  This will give children the opportunity to worship God at an age appropriate level and also engage with parents and guardians around the shared theme between the two services.

The Children’s Church worship space will be set up in the CE Room at the end of the hallway in the education wing.  We would appreciate prayers and volunteers to help us as we get this new ministry up and running.  Adults and youth are needed to help lead each service and provide programming support as we prepare each week.  Please speak with our Children’s Church Coordinator Jenn Boland or Pastor Matt if you’d like to help.  Both can be reached through calling the church, 814-445-4534

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