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Matt’s Musing

November 28, 2021


Dear St. Paul’s Friends and Family,

Enter God’s gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise. Give thanks to God, bless his name.   (Psalm 100:4)

Is it possible to give thanks to God amid intense personal pain and suffering?  The approaching holiday season can be a difficult time for some people.  Recent traumas like the loss of a job, a loved one, one’s health, or even a dream can make thanksgiving difficult.  I know that some of us have had to deal with these traumas over the past year.  The challenge for us as the Body of Christ (a church family) is to find ways to continue giving God thanks.  Amid the harsh realities of life are reasons for thanksgiving.  

Our task as Christians is to explore ways in which we can bring hope to one another.  I don’t mean to sound trite, but even in the most hopeless situation God is still at work, and where God is at work, there is reason for hope.  New life, resurrection, is built upon the foundation of hope.  In many cases, hope comes in the form of human contact.  I once was visiting with one of our homebound members.  While I was unable to give her a cure for the disease that ravaged her body, I was able to be a presence in her life.  She told me that the love of her church family gives her hope.  Just being there for her helped bolster her spirits and let her know she was loved.

On a personal note, I am especially thankful for all of you, my church family.  You have helped to make our ministry successful through serving those in need and being available for one another.  I hope that throughout the upcoming months and into the New Year we can continue to be sensitive to God’s persistent call.  Opportunities abound for each one of us to discover God’s call in a new and exciting way.

We, as a church family, are currently experiencing some tough times.  Some of our members have had to deal with difficult illnesses, surgeries, and prognosis.  Hopelessness can easily creep into our lives during these times.  My reason for hope is my faith in you and God.  I know that you will compassionately care for one another and seek to assist me in caring for you.  

I know that together we can discover new ways in which God will speak to our community.  May we hear God’s voice and take hold of the hope that is Jesus Christ our Lord.  

May God Bless Us,

Pastor Matt

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