A New Year’s Greeting from Pastor Matt

Dear St. Paul’s Family,

The tree may be down and the decorations put away, but the effects of Christmas are still with us.  Unlike 21st century hospitals, where mother and child have a short stay, Jesus and his family spent months, if not years in Bethlehem.  The story goes that it took the three kings a couple of years to reach the Christ-child.  Yet, despite their late arrival, they still felt the call to come and worship the Lord.

Such is our calling.  Our calling is to come and learn about the God who is now living in our midst.  Like the magi of old, we are journeying on the road of life.  There’s no way to anticipate what or who we will meet along the way, but one thing is certain, Jesus meets us again and again on the road.  

We are sojourners and like the magi, God calls us to encounter Jesus.  What might Jesus tell us when we meet him?  What might he have us do?  How might we respond?  The miracle of Christmas is that God is one of us.  The miracle of our lives is that God invites us to be part of Christ’s body, Christ’s work.

I pray that each of us may live more fully into the journey that God has called us, and may the Holy Spirit be with us as we are at work in God’s kingdom in 2021.


Pastor Matt


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