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February 13, 2019

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Dear St. Paul’s Family,

“Jesus Is Lord”

The simple statement, Jesus is Lord, is the most ancient creed in Christianity.  It’s simple to remember, yet profound and provocative.  The early Christians who dared to utter these three words were taking a daring stand.  Jesus, not the Roman Emperor, was the true ruler and power in the world.  They were pledging their allegiance and lives to Jesus Christ, not to the man who commanded the most powerful army and economy in the ancient world.  Those who stood by the ancient creed of Jesus is Lord were not only making a powerful theological statement, but also taking a stand that in some cases would be costly to their physical well-being.  Caesar fancied himself lord, so he didn’t take kindly to such competition.  Despite threats to their well being and very existence, members of the early church persisted in their deeply held belief that Jesus was the ultimate power in their lives.

Jesus is still Lord.  We need to remind ourselves of that, especially as we live each day confronted with a legion of things that compete for our time and attention.  The challenges we face each day are really not the ultimate powers in our lives.  Whether we are facing personal challenges like the plague of being over scheduled and over stimulated, the lack of financial resources, or threats to our health, the ancient creed is powerful.  Jesus is Lord and all else is secondary.

The Lordship of Jesus extends beyond the personal and to the powers and principalities of the world.  Allegiance to Christ’s mission of love is the cure for the powerful forces that divide God’s children.  In Christ the toxic forces of racism, nationalism, tribalism, and xenophobia are stripped of their power and placed into proper perspective, as fearful devices used to exploit and oppress others.  Jesus as Lord is transformative, in that fear is replaced with hope, hate with love, and death with resurrection.  

May you sense Christ’s presence as you live each day and may the Holy Spirit guide you as you choose to follow the Lord’s path.

Blessings on your journey,

Pastor Matt 

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