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November 8, 2017

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Dear St. Paul’s Family,

There are many different kinds of kings:

The King of Rock ’n Roll…Elvis Presley!

The King of the Jungle…The Lion, or Tiger, depending on who you ask!

The Lion King…Simba of Disney fame!

The King of the Apes…King Kong!

The King of Queens…a show about a delivery man and his wife from Queens

King of the Hill…a cartoon comedy of the late 1990s and early 2000s

The King of Kings…Triple H of wrestling fame, Caesar of the Roman Empire, and Jesus Christ, son of God.

Yes, there are many different kinds of kings.  Entertainment kings, kings of nature, and the great rulers of humanity.  Across all of these differences, the thing that unites most kings is the desire to be the greatest of all their peers.  Stories abound throughout history and literature of kings that were benevolent, kind, and even reluctant leaders.  For each of those examples, there are many other examples of cruel and calculating kings that manipulated the people they ruled.  Kings, like any leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and competency levels.

The great miracle of our Creator God becoming a human being in Jesus Christ is that God chose to be a very different kind of a king.  By choosing to be born to a poor, teenage girl in ancient Israel/Palestine, God rejected the time-honored model of kings.  In Jesus, God chose to become one of the least of these, as far as Caesar and Herod were concerned, and entered the world to rule us in a way that is so very different from any leader in history.

While kings, rulers, presidents, and dictators seek to impose some kind of control over their people, God offers us freedom of conscious to work out how we will live in God’s realm.  No longer are we bound by our achievements or failures—we cannot earn God’s grace.  We are all deserving of love and life in God’s eyes.  The realm that Jesus rules is an eternal kingdom where we are freed from the death dealing forces that seek to rule us.  In God’s kingdom we are deeply seen and known for who we really are.  There’s no need to put on aires with God.  Our worth will no longer be bound by our ability to produce, consume, or please others.  Unlike the rulers of our world, Christ’s rule is the cure for death.  In Christ’s kingdom death is vanquished for life, and each of us will be made whole and perfect.  God not only provides freedom, but healing for the things that have diminished and wounded us.

Our call as disciples of the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords is to help bring Christ’s kingdom to our world.  We are co-rulers with God, pointing others to Jesus Christ and reminding them of the unending, healing love of God that makes all things whole.  May each of you sense the Holy Spirit’s presence in your life as we engage together in Christ’s saving, healing, and ruling work.

Blessings for your journey!

Pastor Matt

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